Sally Binard is a primarily self-taught artist, born to first generation Haitian and Belgian immigrant parents who exposed her to two vastly different formsand styles of art. This had a remarkable influence on her work. Early and continuous exposure to the Dutch Masters in Belgium and Holland and also the rich Haitian art scene provided a confusing, eclectic, and exciting idea of what art was.

In painting portraits Sally works to distill sections of life into an image, a means of record keeping and resolving personal questions. Her work is a poignant method of assigning meaning and permanence to times that cannot be shared with others through verbal language, but can perhaps be shared viscerally, through painting.

Post Hurricane Irma, Sally’s work became more engaged with the idea of art as public service, a means of adding to and creating conversations around identity, history and social issues.

Sally Binard is a 2021 recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artists Fellowship.

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